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Happy Hour Cleveland Review of TGI Friday's Mayfield

Location: 1641 Golden Gate Plz
Mayfield, OH 44124
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Weekly Specials: Everyday 4 to 7PM

 Day  Special 
 Sun  Mojito's $4.00
 Mon  Captain Morgan and Coke $4.00
 Tues  Long Island Iced Tea $4.00, Ultimate Long Island $6.00,
 Ultimate Margarita $6.00, Ultimate Mojito $6.00
 Wed  Appletini $4.00
 Thurs  Margarita $4.00, Ultimate Long Island $6.00, Ultimate
 Margarita $6.00, Ultimate Mojito $6.00
 Fri  Lynchburg Lemonade $4.00
 Sat  Signature Cosmo Smirnoff $4.00

Happy Hour

Food Specials: Mon - Fri 4 to 7PM

 Item  Happy Hour $   Regular $   Savings
 Sesame Jack Chicken
 Strips - Golden brown
 chicken breast strips
 coated with crispy
 Japanese panko
 breadcrumbs with the
 extra crunch of toasted
 sesame seeds and
 tossed in our famous
 Jack Daniel's glaze.
 $4.49  $8.99  50%
 Tuscan Spinach Dip -
 We blend rich, tangy
 Parmigiano and
 Romano cheeses with
 spinach, artichoke
 hearts and sauteed
 onions and bell peppers.
 We bring the dip hot to
 your table, with Friday's
 red and white corn
 tortilla chips.
 $4.30  $8.59  50%
 Fried Mozzarella - Hot
 and gooey inside. Crisp
 and golden outside.
 Served with marinara
 $3.80  $7.59  50%
 Pot Stickers - Chinese
 pork dumplings steamed,
 then pan seared and
 served with Szechwan
 dipping sauce.
 $4.10  $8.19  50%
 Crispy Green Bean
 Fries - These snappy
 green beans are breaded
 and deep-fried to a
 golden brown crust.
 Served with our
 Cucumber-Wasabi Ranch
 dipócool, creamy and just
 a touch spicy.
 $3.65  $7.29  50%
 Southwest Chicken
 Quesadilla - Spicy chipotle
 chicken stuffed in a crispy
 tortilla with melted
 Monterey Jack and
 Cheddar cheeses. Served
 with roasted salsa, pico de
 gallo, crisp lettuce, sour
 cream and hand-chopped
 $4.30  $8.59  50%
 Loaded Potato Skins -
 Loaded with Cheddar
 cheese and crisp bacon.
 Served with sour cream
 and green onions.
 $4.50  $8.99  50%
 Steak Fries - Thick, crisp,
 skin-on potato wedges
 served with Ranch and
 Bacon-Bleu Cheese
 dressing for dipping.
 $3.90  $7.79  50%
 Buffalo Wings - Go for
 Boneless or Traditional
 wings tossed in your
 choice of flavors ranging
 from MiLD to SPiCY.
 Served with celery and
 Bleu Cheese or Ranch
 for dipping. (Jack
 Championship BBQ,
 Garlic Parmesan,
 Classic Buffalo, Inferno)
 $4.70  $9.39  50%

Food Specials: Mon - Fri 11PM to Close

 Item  Happy Hour $   Regular $   Savings
 Cheeseburger  $5.00  N/A  N/A
 Jack Daniels Burger  $6.00  N/A  N/A
 New York Cheddar &
 Bacon Burger
 $7.00  N/A  N/A

Drink Specials: Everyday 4 to 7PM

 Item  Happy Hour $   Regular $   Savings
 Domestic pints  $2.50  N/A  N/A


 Atmosphere 7.5
 Food Quality 8.0
 Drink Prices 7.0
 Quality of Service 7.5
 Overall Price 7.0
 Happy Hour Specials 7.5
 Total 7.5

Fridays is known for great Happy Hour specials. Every location is a little different but always a good deal. We love the Tostado Nachos! Every time we visit we order way too much food.

Last visited 02-02-12

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