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Happy Hour Cleveland Review of Steak on a Stone Willoughby

Location: 36455 Euclid Ave
Willoughby, OH 44094
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Weekly Specials

 Day  Special 
 Sun  none
 Mon  none
 Tues  none
 Wed  none
 Thurs  none
 Fri  none
 Sat  none

Happy Hour: Mon - Fri 4PM to 6PM

Food Specials

 Item  Happy Hour $   Regular $   Savings
 Saganaki - Kasseri Cheese quickly
 sautéed and then flambéed at your
 table and seasoned with a lemon
 wedge. Our most popular appetizer
 $3.50  $5.75  39%
 Escargot in Garlic Butter - A full
 dozen escargot baked in a
 traditional French butter and garlic
 sauce and then sprinkled with
 parmesan cheese
 $3.50  $8.50  59%
 Stuffed Grape Leaves - Grape
 leaves are hand rolled around a
 mixture of Greek spices ground
 beef and rice. We add a drizzle of
 our lemonato sauce and a touch of
 extra virgin olive oil
 $3.50  $5.50  36%
 Potato Chips - We cut them! We fry
 them! We add some salt and pile
 them high on a platter for you to enjoy
. Bet you can’t eat just two!
 $3.50  N/A  N/A
 Fried Portabella Mushrooms - Sliced
 fresh, we batter them ourselves and
 fry them until golden brown. Served
 with our spicy Blue Cheese sauce
 on the side
 $3.50  $6.50  46%
 Potato Skins – Traditional - Our
 traditional potato skins are fried and
 covered with bacon, cheddar cheese,
 onions. Served with sour cream
 $3.50  $5.25  33%
 Potato Skins – Seafood - Scrap the
 tradition and take the same fried
 potato skin and add some seafood
 with a Sriracha Blue Cheese sauce
 on the side
 $3.50  $5.75  39%

Drink Specials

 Item  Happy Hour $   Regular $   Savings
 Domestic bottles - Budweiser Bud
 Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite,
 Michelob Ultra Rolling Rock, O’Douls
 $2.25  $3.25  31%
 Imported/Craft bottles - Amstel Light,
 Brooklyn, Corona, Guinness,
 Heineken Light, Heineken, Labatt
 Blue, Kronenburg, Mythos, Sam
 Adams, Tecate
 $2.50  $3.75  33%
 Wines - Anakena Chardonnay,
 Darting Portugieser, Villa Regia
 Red Blend
 $3.50  $6.00  42%
 Martini’s  $4.00  $6.00  50%
 Frozen Drinks - A wide assortment
 of strawberry, banana, and traditional
 Pina Colada’s, Daiquiri’s and
 $3.00  $6.50  54%


 Atmosphere 9.0
 Food Quality 9.0
 Drink Prices 8.0
 Quality of Service 9.5
 Overall Price 8.5
 Happy Hour Specials 8.5
 Total 9.0

Steak on a Stone has a unique theme. They bring out a stone heated over 750 degrees and you cook your own dinner.  It is a fun place to visit with friends and family.  The restaurant and bar have an upper scale look and feel.  During Happy Hour, the drinks and food are priced right and taste great.

Last visited 11-28-11

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