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Happy Hour Cleveland Review of NOVA Bar and Grill

Location: 1313 West 6th Street
Cleveland, OH 44113
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Weekly Specials

 Day  Special 
 Sun  none
 Mon  none
 Tues  none
 Wed  none
 Thurs  none
 Fri  none
 Sat  none

Happy Hour: Everyday 5:30 to 8PM

Food Specials

 Item  Happy Hour $   Regular $   Savings
 Crispy Empanadas - Fried pastry
 shell stuffed with cheese and
 cumin spiced vegetables, and
 your choice of spinach, beef, or
 chicken. Served with chimichurri.
 (3 per serving)
 $5.10  $6.00  15%
 Grilled Chicken Wings - 12
 Argentine Style Wings tossed in
 a tangy Ajimolido. Served with
 Celery and our Cilantro Blue
 Cheese Dressing
 $7.65  $9.00  15%
 Nova Picada - Dry Salami,
 Fontina Cheese, Olives and
 Pickled Vegetables
 $8.50  $10.00  15%
 Prince Edward Island Mussels -
 Served with Choizo, White Wine,
 Roast Garlic, Parsley and
 $9.30  $11.00  15%

Drink Specials

 Item  Happy Hour $   Regular $   Savings
 Bottled beer  $3.00  N/A  N/A
 All Drafts  $4.00  N/A  N/A
 Wells  $5.00  N/A  N/A
 Martinis  $6.00  N/A  N/A


 Atmosphere 8.0
 Food Quality 7.5
 Drink Prices 7.0
 Quality of Service 7.5
 Overall Price 7.0
 Happy Hour Specials 7.5
 Total 7.5

Nova is an upscale bar in the Warehouse district.  They did a good job or remodeling. We think most of their business comes from later crowd.

Last visited 02-21-12

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